My work is my passion. The relationship between me and my career has been one of the most grounding in my life. Through every kind of hard time, it has been my rock. Everyday I give, I receive and the therapy I share with my clients brings everything to center. When I'm at my table I'm home. Please join me!

Let's see... I am an out of the box kind of woman and that reflects in all the work I do. I don't do "regular" anything, I strive for excellence. I have my own style of massage that is a mash up of things I have either received, learned or felt the need to do.

I let my intuition lead me down whichever path the body shows me. It is not unusual for a client to say "Well my neck hurts but you will probably tell me it's coming from my left toe." I have a tendency to view massage in a different light than most therapists. When developing my menu I wanted to base it  how I wanted my clients to feel and from there how to get the desired result without having to push the body too far. My philosophy is that massage doesn't have to hurt to acheive big change, there can be a lighter side to therapeutic means and a deeper side to relaxing ones. There is always another way to get to where you want to be. I'd prefer it to be not what is easiest for me, but what is best for my client.

My original knowledge of the body comes from my background as a medical professional. I went to nursing school for 3.5 yrs where I learned about Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology. The rest I gleaned from my own experience as a chronic pain suffer who from an early age received medical and holistic treatment to help with the obstacles in my body, some of which I can thank my accident-proneness for. All of those things have helped me become the therapist I am.

At the end of the day the best feeling is knowing I have made a difference in the people who put their trust and their bodies in my hands.

Sono Bella Spa & Salon
The Biggest Learning Curve of My Life!!
Sono Bella was where I defined myself as a therapist. I was able to explore not only with massage but with products, business management and customer service excellence.
The Spa at the Wentworth
The Wentworth by the Sea is where I excelled as an educator and researcher. It gave me the opportunity to learn about new modalities and dig into product and procedure knowledge. It had a big influence on developing the luxury side of my service abilities.
Body Rituals
I have been working for myself behind the scenes concocting and developing massage and body products and from it I have grown into realizing my ultimate dream. In the near future I will be launching my second business and hopefully one day I can merge all of my loves into one happy home.
Universtiy of Southern Maine
I studied at USM Portland for 3.5 yrs as a nursing student. My favorite classes were my labs and my nutrition classes. From a young age I felt the calling to care for people and even though the field of nursing was not my niche, the knowledge I got from my experiences there have been pivotal in my work practices.
The American Red Cross
In the summer between my freshman and sophmore year of college I jumped into the medical field by becoming an LNA, my training not only taught me about caring for people or responding to emergencies but taught me a lot about body mechanics which has been key in keeping my body happy for the long haul. I use basics from this training on a daily basis.
North Eastern Institue of Whole Health
My Massage Home! I loved every minute of my education at NEIWH. It was a perfect fit for me. The teachers and Dr. Grigore had a huge infulece on me as a therapist and an aspiring herbalist. I use her methods and variations of their teachings in my work everyday.
One thing I am proud to say is that I am never complacent. I love to learn!! I like to use a wide spectrum of modalities to help me in my work. I have studied in different parts of the country and some day I will study in different parts of the world so I can continue to evolve as a therapist and a person. 
Beyond Massage
If you were to ask my clients, friends or family what I do the response would be, "Everything".

What can I say? I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. As you explore this site you will find a lot of stuff and the one thing they have in common is my love of creativity. I'm a jack of all trades with too many interests to count. Multi-tasking is my middle name and I am usually doing multiple projects at once. I have big dreams and high expectations of myself. I'm an old soul with a big heart, I have a ton of random knowledge that I enjoying sharing and I am always looking ahead to my next goal.
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